Reduce your motoring costs.

Short Contracts.
One Monthly Payment.
Just Like Your Mobile Phone.

With the CanfordEV Electric Car Salary Sacrifice Scheme, you can choose from a range of cars to suit your needs and budget.  Your effective monthly price should be much less than if you leased the car without using the scheme.

What’s more, the cars can be leased over a 24 or 36-month period, and come with a bundle of extras, very much like a mobile phone contract.  You don’t have to worry about a thing when it comes to your car – just charge and go.

The same car:

Without Salary Sacrifice

£663.00 per month*

With Salary Sacrifice

£445.00 per month**

Our monthly car lease cost includes:

  • Insurance
  • Servicing and maintenance
  • Tyre replacements
  • Breakdown cover
  • Accident management
  • Zero deposit
  • Optional vehicle charging point

*Quote for illustrative purposes only – excluding motor insurance.

**Example Net salary reduction based on a 40% taxpayer.

*Quote for illustrative purposes only – excluding motor insurance.

**Example Net salary reduction based on a 40% taxpayer.

Big benefits for you and the planet

  • Generally more cost effective compared to personal car leasing.
  • No personal credit checks needed.
  • A fixed monthly amount that covers everything from insurance to breakdown cover.
  • No upfront deposits.
  • No servicing bills or MOT worries.
  • A new, modern, reliable car with zero exhaust emissions every two or three years.
  • Lower Tax and National Insurance contributions.
  • Greatly reduced mileage expense due to cheaper fuelling.
  • Help to lower carbon emissions.
  • No requirement for the car to be used for business purposes.
  • Zero-Emission Car Salary Sacrifice could save you thousands of pounds.

Easy to Manage

Everything about the CanfordEV Electric Car Salary Sacrifice is designed to be simple.

Our consultants can help you choose the right car based on your budget and personal circumstances, and help with your charging point installation.

You get a modern, reliable, zero-emission car for a fixed monthly cost that includes everything you need.  

Employer Benefits

As well as employees reducing their motoring costs, this scheme also benefits businesses too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Running a vehicle with the CanfordEV Electric Car Salary Sacrifice Scheme is easy.  Simply pay a fixed monthly amount that includes everything you need – except the power.  

The monthly cost includes:

  • Leasing of the car.
  • Insurance.
  • Breakdown cover.
  • Servicing, maintenance and tyre replacement.
  • Accident management.
  • Road fund licence is zero for fully-electric vehicles.
  • Optional home charging point fully installed.

Primarily two things – power and Benefit in Kind (BiK).  Although there might be charges for fair wear and tear and additional mileage at the end of the lease term.

Power. The cost of the electricity to charge a car with a 250-mile range is between £2 and £4*,  a lot less than cost of petrol or diesel.

BiK. This is calculated as a percentage of the car’s price that is added to taxable earnings.  For zero emission cars, this is very low, especially compared to internal combustion engine cars which can be as high as 37%** depending on their CO2 emissions.

Zero-emission vehicle Benefit-in-Kind rates for the coming years:

  • 1% for 2021/22.
  • 2% for 2022/23.
  • 2% for 2023/24.

*Check with your electricity supplier.

**Source: HMRC 2020

Most interactions can be done digitally, using email or over the telephone.  Delivery of the car, either to your home or your workplace, will be done following all necessary Covid-19 social distancing guidelines.

Our aftercare support is second to none.  You will have easy access to all the information you should need, and if you are still unsure about something, we’re only an email or telephone call away.

The UK Government are totally behind the roll-out of zero emission cars, as such, grants are available for the installation of up to 40 charging points at businesses, as well as personal charging points at domestic properties.*

Depending on the car chosen, any additional costs above the grant for installing the charging points can be covered as part of the lease contract.  We can advise you further about this when you get in touch.

Arranging the installation of the charging points is something we can organise for you, so you won’t have to worry about it.

*Source: HMRC 2020