Commercial Vehicle Leasing

A cost effective way of adding vehicles to your fleet.


Think of the monthly fee you pay as renting, but typically for a longer period.  You’ll pay an initial rental (deposit) at the beginning, a monthly fee for the term of the agreement and then hand your vehicle back at the end of the contract. 

An affordable fixed monthly payment allows you to stay on top of your monthly budget and keep your outgoings low, by spreading the payments over time.

Commercial vehicles depreciate over time.   Leasing means you’re not left with a used vehicle to sell.  You simply give the van back at the end of your contract and upgrade to a brand new model – just like you would with a mobile phone.  


The government has banned the sale of new 100 % fossil-fuelled vehicle sales by 2030, and hybrids by 2035.

With leasing, your business is not eligible for the purchase grants – however – lease providers often are.  This means you may be passed on the savings, making an electric vehicle even more attractive.

You should be eligible for £350 grant towards the charger purchases and installation – all organised for you.

Businesses can apply for grants on up to 40 charging points.

Small Vans

Due to their popularity, there are a number of smaller electric vans currently on the market, and this number should continue to grow.

Medium Vans

The all-round work-horses of British business, medium vans are designed to tackle most challenges you may throw at them.

Large Vans

Multi-drop delivery business can benefit greatly by going electric. Consider how many miles you do - then go electric.

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