Car leasing

It’s convenient.  It’s cost-effective.


New electric car leasing can make your company stand out with up-to-date brand new zero-emission cars.  We can organise everything including the charging point installation at home or work. 

It’s certainly a great perk to help you attract the best talent and an easy way to add fleet vehicles. 

With many of the duties associated with car ownership and disposal now out of your hands, and the added bonus of a continual update of models, our tailored service offers you complete peace of mind.

Polestar 2 Lease Canford Finance


Hand the vehicle back at the end of the agreement.

At the end of the lease, all of the issues that you normally have with purchased vehicles are no longer your responsibility.  Just a brand new vehicle with every new lease agreement.

Corporation tax savings.

You can claim up to 100% of the lease rental against your taxable profits.

No large initial outlay of capital.

At the start of the lease, you can put down as little as one month’s advance rental as a deposit – as opposed to a larger deposit when purchasing.

Full maintenance cover and roadside assistance.

Your lease agreement will usually come with the option for a Maintenance Contract and Roadside Assistance.  This may help mitigate against financial surprises and allows you to budget accordingly.

Fixed monthly payments.

Know exactly what your payments are each month, allowing you to forecast more accurately your cash flow.

External administration.

Most of the administration of the vehicle is the responsibility of the leasing company, improving your company’s efficiency and saving you both time and administrative costs.

Taxes and V.A.T.

With zero-emission vehicle leases, businesses can currently claim 100% tax relief on the vehicle payments.  For a zero-emission car, VAT registered organisations can reclaim up to 50%, and 100% on commercial vehicles.  Often 100% of the VAT on additional extras, such as maintenance, can also be reclaimed. 

Vehicle excise duty.

Vehicle Excise Duty or Road Tax is the responsibility of the leasing company.

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