Charging electric vehicles

No need to be anxious!

The difference.

Cars of old also have a range. If you ran out of fuel you wouldn’t go far. Rarely does that happen. 

Petrol stations, supermarkets and councils across the country are fitting fast charging stations for electric cars.  If you want one installed at home or at work, ensuring that you receive the full grants available, just speak with us.

Remember that there are millions more plug-sockets in the UK than there are petrol pumps. Wherever there is a plug, you can add charge to an electric car.


The government has banned the sale of new cars that use fossil fuels by 2030, and hybrids by 2035.

Government grants are being offered to aid the transition.

£350 towards your charging set-up – all organised for you.

Businesses can apply for up to 40 charging grants. 

Remember, there are grants for zero-emission car purchases too.


The average daily mileage of a petrol car, in 2019, was 18 miles*. Zero-emission electric cars can have ranges circa 300 miles, with even small city cars covering over 100 miles on a full battery.  

For journeys further than your car’s maximum range, most cars will guide you to rapid charging stations along your route.  Talk to us about your situation and we can help you select the right car for your lifestyle.

The majority of electric cars can reach an 80% charge in 20 to 40 minutes at rapid charging stations. At home, simply leave your car to charge overnight.

*According to the Department for Transport report NTS 0901

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