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There are so many new electric vehicles and most will be unfamiliar. 

We work with you to determine what you love about your current vehicle, what additional features you’d like to have, and give you tailored options for your new electric car.


We are a broker. This means we can offer access to multiple suppliers for both your vehicle and funding options.


Our experienced and knowledgeable team will discuss your options, providing a constant point of contact to help you.

Never adding fossil-fuelled
vehicles onto UK roads.

Canford Finance have committed to only ever putting fully electric vehicles on the roads.  We exclude hybrid vehicles with no qualms.  We do champion zero-emission vans.

In our lifetimes, it has become our responsibility reassess the relationship we have with our natural world.  We understand damage continues to be caused.  Driving an electric vehicle will not stop the icecaps melting, but enough of us doing it may give the chance.  For almost all drivers, these vehicles will be an upgrade and will improve your life. 

We are no longer forced to drive polluting vehicles.  

Lest we forget, however, just how fast and exciting Teslas are.  Driving an electric vehicle is not a downgrade towards bulgur-wheat style motoring.


Electric cars are different.

You never need visit a petrol station again, but the vehicle still needs to be fuelled.  We can coordinate your charging point installation at home or work and ensure you receive the full grants available.

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Honda e with Canford Finance

Zero-Emission Car
Salary Sacrifice Scheme

Your best value way into an electric vehicle.

The government is incentivising Zero-Emission car ownership with the ability to pay for it out of your gross salary.  Meaning the effective cost to you is the monthly price minus the amount of income tax and national insurance that you would have payed on the figure.

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